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S.C. Wood Works is, in a nutshell, Steve Cacciapaglia (Cah-cheeuh-pah-lee-uh).  Steve designed and built his first home back in 1988 and fell in love with the process and product.  Since then he has completed 6 more homes and countless remodels for his family and clients.

Home remodeling is an art form for Steve.  He has a knack for taking what is and envisioning endless possibilities of what can be.  When he graduated from Umass Amherst with a bachelor’s degree in Art History, he took a job with a fine-art gallery outside of Boston and followed his talents within the art industry.  What he didn’t realize was that the years he had spent on construction sites, prior to college, with his brothers would be the experience he would eventually incorporate into his own artwork.

Developing a willingness to take on any project from the smallest bathrooms to the largest additions, has allowed Steve and S.C. Wood Works to thrive for over two decades.  Pride in customer service and delivering quality results has been critical to our company’s success since its beginning.

Planning and Design

At the outset of every project, no matter the size or scope, we like to sit down with the client to get an idea of exactly what is needed and desired.  Our careful planning and designing takes into account what exists, what the client wants to achieve and what the surrounding layout and environment is capable of adding to the design.  You, as the client, will get a great look into the vast experience S.C. Wood Works has through recognizing situations and being able to anticipate issues before they arise.

Project Management

After a project has started we take an appropriate hands-on approach to make sure progress is continual, while managing changes as necessary.  Home remodeling in Massachusetts requires certain procedures as well as permitting and conforming to building codes.  We include these critical items in the planning stage to make sure we can stick to the original schedule.

Maintenance and Continued Service

What most first time homeowners don’t often realize is that homes are an on-going project.  As you and your family grow, your home should transform to accommodate those growing changes.  Steve Cacciapaglia has developed the idea of being your builder for life to help assist clients .  While a home is never complete, we can help you tackle each project one step at a time and we’re always available as a resource for you throughout your time as a homeowner.  Whether its simple maintenance of your home or large projects to accommodate new family members S.C. Wood Works wants to offer you continued service to ensure that your house is always the home of your dreams.

Licensed & Insured

Construction Supervisors License# CS063774
Massachusetts Home Improvement License#141883