Massachusetts Kitchen Remodeling

07/22/11 5:01 pm | Comments (4) | Posted By: SiteOwner

Massachusetts Kitchen Remodeling

This kitchen remodel in Sharon, Ma was a great project for us. This client is fantastic and the outcome of their project is terrific, or at least we think it is! Let us know what you think of the before and after photos.


  • EPDM Coatings July 23, 2011

    Its been a very informative posting indeed. In fact i have got some great tips from your blog. Thanks for sharing such valuable info with us.

  • SiteOwner July 25, 2011

    Thanks for the input and let us know what else you’re interested in hearing about. We are always looking for new ideas to blog about and info to share with our clients and followers.

  • Anne Furey - PlaceLift October 31, 2011

    Steve- What a beautiful kitchen remodel. Great job!

  • SiteOwner October 31, 2011

    Thanks Anne! Kitchen remodels are always great projects for us and our clients. They offer excellent added value to a home and a focal point for entertainment and family gatherings!

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