10 Home Remodeling Tips

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So you’ve been thinking about making some changes to that place you live in. Maybe its a big project, maybe its a small one. The point is, you either want change, need change or both. S.C. Wood Works has been building and remodeling homes in Massachusetts for the past two decades and we know a thing or two about how clients, people like you, come to these conclusions. There are thousands of reasons why you want or need to make these changes, but here are 10 Easy Home Remodeling Tips to help you move along that process.

1. Pick up a pencil and notebook, or that new electronic note taking device you recently purchased. Be prepared to take some notes along the way.

2. Take a look around you. Make sure you get to know your living space. Without really knowing what it is you have, getting a feel for what it can offer becomes much more difficult.

3. Determine, specifically, your desires. While golden toilet seats sound nice, they are often impractical. However, making lofty goals initially will help you get excited about your project.

4. Determine, specifically, your needs. We like to make sure our clients’ desires and needs are met congruently in remodeling homes. Whether it’s accomodating new family members, a home office or simply building the perfect man cave in your basement, everything should be laid out to properly tackle the job.

5. Think about a budget. Ohhhh geez, a budget?!?! I need to work within the constraints of my wallet? While we know this is obvious, especially today, just think about it. Don’t let the budget drive the project. Let numbers 3 and 4 navigate.

6. Lay it all out on the table. Make yourself (and your spouse if applicable) accountable by being certain you are willing to compromise. Being flexible in design will allow you to achieve your budget, needs and desires.

7. Now, take a look around you again. Imagine what you can do. Think about ways you can incorporate the indoor and outdoor environment in your plan. This is an exercise we use with our clients’ in the conceptual phase of our projects. Our vision comes from our immense experience and allows them to fully grasp the reality of the situation.

8. At this point, you may be ready to call a home remodeling contractor or professional to help you get to the next step. If that’s the case, nos. 9 & 10 are a must.

9. Research contractors in your area. Take a look at work they’ve done in the past and make sure they’re track record is impressive. That’s right, IMRESSIVE, don’t settle. Remember this is your life, your home and the place your family (those you care about the most) trust will be there at the end of the day.

10. Once you’ve found an impressive contractor, give them a call and keep that pen and paper available. Make sure they cater to you, the client, throughout. Honesty and integrity breed quality. Once you trust the character of your home remodeling professional you will be certain the quality of your project will follow.

Happy Home Remodeling!!!



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