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Massachusetts Home Remodeling

05/05/11 11:48 pm | Comments (2) | Posted By: SiteOwner

This golf season, S.C. Wood Works is featured on page 4 of the Suburban Boston, Ma Golf Almanac, published by Platinum Publisher. This edition is distributed to many courses around the Greater Boston Area, where many of our clients enjoy playing golf. Some of the noted courses that hand out the annual Golf Almanac are The Country Club in Brook...

Solar Decathlon 2011

04/12/10 2:31 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: SiteOwner

2011 is soon upon us! An odd year and another chance to see what all those Solar Decathlon teams are coming up with for new ideas and clean energy/renewable applications. I have a bit of a bias towards the Terps' WaterShed design but the rest of the teams are on the right path as well. Check out some of the other house at the DOE site. While...

Lead-safe renovating

20/10/10 9:14 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By: SiteOwner

When remodeling your home there are many things to consider. For homes built in 1978 and before one of many concerns is the proper cleanup and disposal of lead paint. Lead, being a heavy metal, was used in paint as a pigment and also sped up drying, increased durability, helped retain a fresh appearance, and resist moisture that causes cor...

Home Remodeling Contractors

07/09/10 11:16 pm | Comments (2) | Posted By: SiteOwner

I recently saw a television commercial that painted a picture of home remodeling contractors as lazy, negligent, messy and unattractive.